The Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine has been producing exceptional veterinarians since May of 1981. As our profession advances, the expectations, responsibilities, and obstacles increase. 

Back in 2006, Mississippi State's SAVMA President Lloyd Reitz and the Mississippi State Chapter Student American Veterinary Medical Association hosted our 1st annual leadership conference for club and organizational leaders here at MSU-CVM.  This leadership conference allowed the opportunity for students to enhance their skills and become more effective leaders within an evolving profession. 

Over the course of time and due to COVID, this annual conference has dissipated. Last year, this annual leadership conference was not only reestablished but opened to any veterinary or pre-veterinary student here at Mississippi State. This year, we hope to expand upon this to involve not only the entire student body at Mississippi State University, but to invite veterinary students from across the nation.

With our profession struggling to navigate emotional and mental obstacles that have begun to arise, we hope to enhance this conference into both a leadership and wellbeing event to help strengthen the next group of leaders within the veterinary profession, in addition to fostering relationships between colleagues in this field. We will host multiple guest speakers on a variety of topics to strengthen leadership skills and to help combat wellness concerns such as navigating emotional trauma along with combating burnout and compassion fatigue.